Thursday, March 3, 2016

Septic Waste Plant Shut Down In La Mesa, NM

The Las Cruces Sun News have reported that the Septic treatment plant in La Mesa has been temporarily shut due to failing a routine test. This is only a short term issue with the plant due to reopen again on Monday:

Operations of Doña Ana County’s septic treatment plant in La Mesa have been temporarily shut down.

The plant is expected to reopen Monday, according to a Doña Ana County news release.

County officials decided to close the treatment plant after routine testing showed higher levels of ammonia than are allowed by federal and state regulations. To ensure compliance with those regulations, county employees are stabilizing the chemical levels before the septic treatment plant reopens.

Although the county has operated the La Mesa plant for several years, there is no mandate from the state to do so. The county’s press release said there are no plans to permanently close the facility.  Read more here…

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